How to book an electronic notetaker, and what is required.

There are not many qualified electronic notetakers in Scotland.  Each one uses their own equipment and takes this to each assignment, but will need access to a power supply, and of course a table and chair. This should be a height adjustable typist's chair, with good lumbar support, if possible..

It is  recommended that there are regular breaks,  and if the event is to last longer than three hours, it is may be necessary to book two notetakers.  Co-workers know how to support each other during long assignments, where fatigue can have a long term effect on health as well as performance. Some events, such as training courses and university classes or lectures, may entail periods of group or practical work where a notetaker is not needed.   It is important to clarify these issues before the notetaker is engaged, so get in touch and we can talk about it.

Where possible, please provide presentation or teaching materials before the assignment so I can familiarise myself with the topic.   

My service is currently used at conferences, university/college classes and lectures, medical appointments, job interviews, business meetings, training courses, public meetings, forums, social and lip-reading groups, and church services..  

Please get in touch well in advance of your event so I can ensure availability or source another notetaker in your area. 

email : or call : 07949 570466